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November 15, 2017
Category: Oral Health
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Find out how our general dentist in Huntersville could help you sleep more soundly.snoring

According to the National Sleep Foundation, did you know that around 90 million Americans deal with snoring at some point during their life and around 37 million deal with this problem regularly? Snoring is often a problem for people as they getting older, and it often means that instead of waking up feeling refreshed that you actually wake up tired and groggy. You may find that you have trouble concentrating at work. Those who snore are also more likely to deal with chronic health problems. Luckily, our Huntersville, NC, dentist, Dr. JC Duncan, can help.

What are some ways to prevent snoring?

Whether your bed partner complains of your freight-train snoring or you wake up feeling foggy-headed, there are many reasons why you should take your snoring seriously. Some tips to help reduce snoring include:

  • Using a humidifier in the room to keep the air in your bedroom moist. This will reduce irritation and inflamed within the nasal passages, which could be contributing to your snoring.
  • If sinus problems are to blame, it’s important that you take care of those blocked or inflamed airways. Consider using a Neti Pot or over-the-counter nasal spray to help open up your sinuses before bedtime.
  • Change up your sleep positions. If you are someone who sleeps on their back try sleeping on your side instead. There are also pillows out there designed to reduce snoring by elevating the head, which can prevent the tongue or jaws from obstructing your throat while you sleep.

How can my dentist treat my snoring?

When people seek relief from their snoring they don’t often think about seeing a dentist; however, our dentist may have just the solution you’ve been looking for.

A custom-made oral appliance, which looks similar to a retainer, is worn over your teeth while you sleep to reposition the jaws and depress the tongue to keep airways unobstructed throughout the night. This is an effective way to treat many people’s snoring. Of course, in order for these oral appliances to work properly our Huntersville family dentist will need you to come in for an evaluation and fitting.

If you are dealing with snoring that keeps yourself or your partner up at night, this could easily be fixed just by calling our Huntersville, NC, dental office to find out whether an oral appliance could help you. Call to schedule a consultation today!